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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring?

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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Broken Garage Door Spring In Minneapolis

The moment that a spring breaks, it becomes very dangerous to try to use that garage door. Those doors weigh a lot, even the ones made from lighter materials, and your opener and pulley system can’t deal with that alone. This is where the springs come in. Garage door springs store enough tension in them to balance out the weight of the door, allowing the opener to raise them. If those springs aren’t pulling their weight (well, lifting their weight, technically!), the opener and pullies are in big trouble. Trying to open the door will strain them to the breaking point, which means much more expensive repairs. In some cases, the resulting door failures can even be dangerous to your health! Fortunately, skilled, inexpensive garage door spring replacement services are always just a phone call away in Minneapolis.

Signs You Need New Springs

If your garage door uses torsion springs and you’re at home when one breaks, you can usually hear a loud banging sound when it happens. Otherwise, it might not be easy to notice at first if you’ve got a broken garage door spring. If your garage door opens slowly, noisily, or hanging to one side, you might very well have a broken spring. If you notice fraying in your springs, or they make more noise than they used to, then your springs likely will break soon. In the former case, call your Minneapolis garage door repair technicians immediately and don’t use the door until they’ve looked at it. In the latter, book a spring replacement appointment at your soonest convenience and preempt the breakdowns.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Safety

Unfortunately, even a broken garage door spring can have a lot of tension left in parts of it, and replacing one means counterbalancing the door itself. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, garage door spring replacement can be very dangerous. Thousands of serious injuries happen every year in amateur spring replacement attempts. At the same time, ignoring or postponing the spring replacement means you have to avoid using your garage door, or risk breaking your opener too. Fortunately, trained professionals are available the same day you call for them anywhere around Minneapolis, at prices any homeowner can easily afford!

Minneapolis Emergency Broken Spring Replacement

With more than a decade of field experience, our team can handle any sort of spring break or garage door malfunction you can throw at them. We take calls all day every day and guarantee that you’ll see our technicians fixing your Minneapolis garage door springs on the same day you call. If you’ve got old, weak, or broken spring issues, call us today!


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