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Questions about your garage door? Check out this page

Take a look at our FAQ page to get answers to common garage door questions, as well as interesting explanations for common issues and problems.

When should I replace my springs?

Your springs need to be replaced when the garage door either goes down too fast, or up too slow, or maybe it does not open or close at all! Give us a call for more information.

Can I replace a spring myself?

Because a garage door consists of a lot of parts, and the springs are very important, it's safer to leave it to the professionals! You don't want the door falling down or stay stuck!

I have an old garage door opener. Can it work with new door?

Most new models of doors are suitable for older openers. Check your owner’s manual first before deciding to install the opener. Also, check the safety standards set by the government if your old opener is still up to date with current standards.

What things can I do to care for my garage door?

Cleaning your garage door is important as this will not just maintain its beautiful appearance, but it could also prevent dirt from getting to various parts of the garage door like the tracks and cause problems with the operation. Lubrication could also prevent rusting and it will keep your door running smoothly and quietly.

Do all garage doors require maintenance?

According to our specialist technicians, yes. Poorly maintained doors can be a safety hazard. Some parts should be tightened or adjusted, while others should also be lubricated. Some items should be periodically replaced, including the weatherstrip and bottom sweep. Garage door maintenance is the key to extend the life of your door and ensuring its safe operation at all times.

Does a lower steel gauge mean thicker steel?

When referring to the thickness of steel for a garage door, the thicker it is, the lower the gauge. To illustrate, a 27-gauge steel is thicker than 29-gauge. Our expert installers say that if two 27-gauge steel were sandwiched to an insulated core, then it would be stronger than one 24-gauge steel skin.

Can my old opener work with my new garage door?

It all depends on what type of door you get. If it's too big or too heavy, your old opener won't be able to generate enough horsepower to handle it properly. You'll then have to get a new opener as well. Otherwise, as long as your old opener is capable of smoothly operating your new door, it can be possible to use it instead of getting a new one.


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